My offer

With the help of music we will explore new ways to express emotions and feelings in order to discover a different state of mind just by the use of movement and dynamics in the safety of the studio space. This will allow you to achieve awareness of your own body and the surrounding space giving you the ability to graciously move not only in the studio space but in your everyday activities.

Workshops and Training

Contemporary + Classical Ballet

  • Beginner and Advanced classes

Ballet Stretching

  • Creating body flexibility and mobility for a healthy musculoskeletal system 

Ballet Barre Training

  • Ballerina Workout for Strength, Balance and Turnout

Private Lesson 

  • Specific stage and performance artistic preparation
  • Work out of dance movements for competitions and sports of every discipline through the elegance of ballet.


  • Specific and unique choreographies, movement exploration build-up for special groups.
  • Summer / Winter intensive courses.

Target group

As a dance teacher and coach it fills me with great joy to pass on my know-how with much passion

  • Anyone who’s interested in learn about classical and modern music, classical and modern movement, learn about body control.
  • An alternative and flexible way to experience ballet. 
  • A unique teaching style from a dancer of Japanese origins and culture. 
  • A body and mind experience which can bring benefits to everyone’s wellbeing.
  • All genders from the age of 5 to 80.


  • Creating individual Choreography for professional events.
  • Street Dance events, Museums & Exhibition, Workshop follow ups.
  • Exchange of choreographies or shows within different locations or countries.